Otong sets up a New Coronavirus pneumonia outbreak prevention and control team

Aotong set up a new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control team In early 2020, facing the severe situation of the continued spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the whole country was united in the fight against the epidemic. After receiving information about the epidemic, Aotong urgently discussed its response strategy during the festive season, actively influencing the government's call to establish a response team, and at the same time educating its staff about the fight against the epidemic. After the holiday, Aotong's management team quickly set up a New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control team headed by Chairman Wang Jing, and acted swiftly at the first opportunity to effectively implement corporate responsibilities and fulfil their duties to grasp the epidemic prevention and control work. We have been spraying and disinfecting our headquarters in Daliang and our production base in Gaoming several times a day without interruption. We have also equipped all protective equipment, such as masks, disinfectant and alcohol, and have made detailed visits and registrations to all employees in the company and made corresponding arrangements for employees in the infected areas to ensure that all Aotong employees are in good health. After the government allowed Aotong to resume work, the company quickly organised manpower and material resources to deploy as required, and passed the audit of the higher authorities to resume work, organised the staff of the company to officially resume work, and actively handled all external business and projects of the company. In the days to come, Aotong will continue to provide innovative, efficient and intelligent industrial painting equipment and production lines to our customers with our professional, dedicated and focused attitude. Protective gear meeting room disinfection canteen disinfection office disinfection production base back to work inspection



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