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Established in 1994, Foshan Shi Aotong Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of coating & enameling equipment, industrial conveyors and central dusting systems. With headquarter in Shunde, production bases in Shunde, Gaoming and Suzhou, ONTOP covers an area of 48,000 ㎡, including 24,000 ㎡ of building area.

In 2002, ONTOP passed the assessments ISO quality management system. At present, ONTOP serves as executive director unit of Coating Branch of China Surface Engineering Association,director unit of China Enamelware Industry Association and member of Environmental Protection Association.

As the leading system supplier in the market for more than 20 years, ONTOP strives to provide quality product to customers worldwide, with strengths in technology, advanced production equipment, efficient controlling system and competent management.

With a mission to customers, ONTOP will continuously supply superior product and services at competitive price in the future.

1994 year

Company established


Total floor area


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[pretreatment system], [electrostatic powder coating system], [enamel production line], [painting system], [electrophoretic coating system], [dip coating equipment], [thermal energy equipment], [industrial oven], [central dust collection system], [efficient thermal carbonization cleaning furnace], [furniture and wood products painting system], [dust-free coating system], [industrial automatic transportation] Equipment], [sheet metal processing], [intelligent equipment], [clean room]


Aotop spirit: integration, trust, cooperation and enterprising

Cohesion - a solid force for enterprise development

Every honor obtained by Ontop condenses the hard work of every Ontop people. It comes from the full support of the society for us. It is Ontop's sacred mission to sincerely repay employees and society with gratitude

Integration / trust / collaboration / enterprising

The enterprise develops and grows because of breakthrough. Foshan Ontop company, with its strong technical force and perfect management system, dares to break through the stereotypes in product research and development, constantly innovate and strive for excellence.

Meticulous quality control

With years of manufacturing experience and standardized quality management system, and with meticulous professionalism in every link and process of production and installation, Foshan Ontop products really become the top quality in the brand.





















Established Foshan Aotong Industrial Technology Co., Ltd; cooperated with South China University of Technology in the research and development of intelligent industrial equipment.
Received the Second Prize of Science and Technology of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society.
The staff dormitory building and garden recreation area at the Gaoming production site were put into operation.
A painting factory with advanced painting lines was established to undertake the processing of painted products with high quality requirements.
Elected as a director unit of China Enamel Industry Association; became a member unit of Foshan Machinery and Equipment Industry Association.
The new energy-saving painting production line won the second prize of Gaoming District Science and Technology Innovation Project; the electrostatic enamel production line won the second prize of Foshan City Science and Technology Innovation Project; the new enamel production line won the title of "The Fourth Excellent Painting Engineering Award Second Prize" of China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch.
Participated in the re-revision of the national standard "Safety Regulations for Painting Operations"; the second phase of the Gaoming production base was completed and put into operation, the total floor area of the Gaoming base is: 16,000 square metres; became a member of the China Enamel Industry Association.
Elected as the executive director of the Painting Branch of the China Surface Engineering Association; elected as the director of the China Surface Engineering Association.
The two projects were awarded the first and second prizes of the "Excellent Painting Engineering Award" by the Painting Branch of the China Surface Engineering Association; the new enamel production line project won the second prize of the Gaoming District Science and Technology Innovation Project.
Became the director unit of the Painting Branch of the China Surface Engineering Association.
Became a member of China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch; established Suzhou Shuntong Machinery Manufacturing Co.
Successfully developed a complete set of enamel production line with advanced level in China; established Dongguan branch.
The company changed its name to Foshan Aotong Industrial Equipment Co Ltd; successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. Implemented "6S" management activities; established Shunde Aotong Machinery Manufacturing Co.
The first phase of the Gaoming production base was completed and put into operation.
Purchase of 36,000 square metres of industrial land in Gaoming District, Foshan City.
Establishment of the Environmental Engineering Division.
Establishment of the Industrial Automation Conveying Equipment Division.
Aotong moved to a new location (renamed Shunde Daliang General Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.), covering an area of 4,200 square metres.
Aotong Industrial Equipment Co Ltd (formerly known as: Shunde Daliang General Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory) was founded, covering an area of 700 square metres. The first painting line (electrostatic powder coating line for gas water heaters of Wanhe Company) undertaken was successfully put into operation. Signed a technical cooperation agreement with South China University of Technology to jointly develop energy-saving thermal equipment.


Specialty . Scale
Guarantee of highly competitive and high quality products


·With the largest production plant in the industry
·With complete and advanced manufacturing and installation equipment and a large transport service fleet
·Relying on sound and perfect production management technology
·With a team of skilled workers
·Foshan Ontop makes every customer feel the real and noble service