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Ontop was invited to participate in the 12th China (foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition

Ontop was invited to participate in the 12th China (foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition



On October 17, 2016, the 12th China (foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition was successfully held in Chen villanshun machinery city.

The 12th China (foshan) machinery and equipment exhibition is rooted in foshan, facing the equipment manufacturing enterprises, professional markets and clusters in the pearl river delta and south China. Foshan, known as the "manufacturing city", is a home equipment manufacturing enterprise, with strong industrial and market demand, which enables exhibitors and buyers to experience a wide range of market prospects. Annual foshan machinery exhibition has become equipment manufacturing purchasers meeting, according to statistics, the exhibition 4 days of the professional audience 40000 person-time, 31 to visit procurement groups and group factory prices. This exhibition continues the advanced level of the full display of the local equipment manufacturing industry, the equipment manufacturing industry chain upstream and downstream products gathered together, together with the party, to build the foshan equipment manufacturing business card.
Otong, one of the invited companies, has been at the show for 12 years in a row. Exhibited in the show, Mr Tong company spray systems, elevators, numerical control plate feeder, enamel equipment and other advanced equipment, attracted numerous audience to come over to visit, and a lot of the audience has bigger interest in part of the equipment.
Through participating in the foshan machinery exhibition, otong has opened its eyes to business opportunities and enhanced cooperation and communication with different clients, thus further stable and fast development.

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